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Star product: EFI Jetrion 4900M and ML

What do the machines do?

The Jetrion 4900M and Jetrion 4900ML are UV inkjet label presses launched by EFI in response to a desire among those branching into digital label printing for a system that could print and finish labels in one pass. The Jetrion 4900ML consists of the print engine and a digital laser cutter and, as a modular machine, can be upgraded with a  range of laminating, sheeting and varnishing finishing modules supplied by EFI. The Jetrion 4900M consists of just the print engine, but can be upgraded in the same way.  

When were they launched and who are they aimed at?
The two models were launched at last September’s LabelExpo. The machines are aimed, reports Jennifer Renner, senior product manager at EFI, both at those established label printers looking to process short and mid-length runs, but also commercial printers adding packaging printing to their offering. "Labels and packaging has always been the target market but by adding the inline laser capability we’ve seen a lot of interest from people who previously didn’t do anything with label printing because the finishing was kind of a mystery to them," reports Renner.

What other models are available?
Also available is the 4900M-330, which features a 330mm print width for increased productivity and an expanded range of applications. "That just enables printers to do more multiples across the web for faster production, or enter into new markets, small-format signage or other areas, where the 210mm 4900 wasn’t wide enough," says Renner. "I think the wider width makes a lot of sense for a good number of our customers and we’ve seen great interest in that since its launch."   

How do they work?
For these printers, EFI has taken the UV print technology of its Jetrion 4000 and 4830 products and transferred this from these simple roll-to-roll devices into more press-like systems. The machines are powered by EFI’s Fiery XF front end, and incorporate a Corona station for greater substrate compatibility, semi-automated turret for quick changeover of finished rolls and, in the case of the ML, dual-head lasers for efficient cutting without dies.

What are their USPs?
The inline laser cutting and ability to add more finishing modules is the real USP of the system, says Renner. "Very early on we were just focusing on the printing but we recognised the real benefit to the customer is if they can do everything in one step. You start with your blank substrate and you finish with a roll of labels ready to ship," she says. "Several competitors can add something inline by working with another partner but it’s not something that’s supplied as a full solution right out the door."

How easy are they to use and what training and support is on offer?
The printers feature press controls located at both ends of the press so there is a station for both printer and finishing modules. "I consider these machines very user-friendly," says Renner. "We offer a couple of different in-house and onsite training programs. Most of our customers are up and running very quickly. We offer worldwide service support and are very customer responsive."

How many have been sold?
The install figure for the 4900ML and its predecessor the Jetrion 4900 –the same print and cutting system just without the upgrade option – is just over 20, reports Renner. EFI has no breakdown of sales of the 4900M but reports installations of this, and its other standalone digital label printing systems, is around the 150 mark. "We’ve seen more interest every quarter since the launch of the M and ML," says Renner. "Interest continues to grow."

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