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Custom papertoys

I just love to create, to make things with my hands, i logve to challenge myself both creatively and techniaclly, and paper toys provide that, i find it thrilling when a technical hurdle is cleared in the pursuit of a create idea, paper toys are a great medium for what i want to do as an artist: create, share, and grow.I have been into toy design for a long time, and paper offered me a great way to make the toys i wanted to make, and an amazing way of distributing them to those who like them, it is really democratic! anyone, anywhere on the planet, with a little time to spare, an intenet connection, and a printer can own one of my toys. i love that building the toyrequires that participation of the collector. They are basically the ones who bring my work to life, they take part in the creative act, and create a really unique bond. You just can not get that from buying a chunk of plastic made in a factory overseas, placing it on a shelf and letting it gather dust. It is so satisfying for me, being able to design toys and bringing them to life with my own hands, No factories, toxic chemicals, low-wage labor, shipping, worries about whether it will sell or not-after all, it is just paper, good old paper, so humble, yet remakable, and, at the end of the day, it remains a recyclable and biodegradabel object, Plus there is just something truly magical about a flat piece of paper forming a 3-D object, would not you agree? paper to the people!!

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