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Fuji unveils Ipex plans and show partnership

Fujifilm has unveiled more of its plans for next month’s Ipex, which include a tie-up with Horizon UK agent Intelligent Finishing Systems (IFS) to create a true short-run commercial inkjet print shop.

 Jet Press540W: centrepiece of Fuji's inkjet print shop

The firm, which will be the second largest exhibitor at Excel, will be demonstrating its B2 sheetfed Jet Press 720, the web-fed Jet Press 540W and the Graphium label press, developed by FFEI, which uses Fujifilm’s new Uvijet Graphium inkset.

The Jet Press 540W and the Jet Press 720 will be demonstrated producing a raft of jobs in conjunction with a nearline Lasermax unwinder and Horizon SitchLiner 6000, both from IFS, live on the Fuji stand.

Ipex will be the first time Horizon and Fuji have partnered for a show.

“Obviously this Ipex isn’t going to be a standard trade fair, times have moved on, so we decided to focus on our customers' real business needs rather than just the razzmatazz of a typical show,” said Fujifilm UK graphic systems managing director Keith Dalton.

“We plan to do that by showing how they can change the paradigm from the traditional production methods to digital, so we’ll be showing what in effect is a live digital printshop.”

Jobs will be demonstrated coming though Fuji’s Print Centre web-to-print software, going through XMF and then on to one of the digital presses.

Across the six days of the show, which runs from 24-29 March, Fuji will be producing brochures, magazines, books, labels, manuals and posters with runs from 1 to 5,000.

“There will be none of the usual demonstrations and presentations, it will be a live print shop producing jobs taken from customers. It’s definitely a challenge, it won’t be canned, but it will enable us to talk to customers about the business model of what we’re doing and offer some of the statistics, so they can understand the potential the technology could offer to their businesses.”

As well as products being stitched on the Fuji stand on the StitchLiner 6000, the firm will also be producing perfect bound products on the IFS stand on the Horizon four-clamp BQ-470 running standard EVA and trimmed using the Ipex-launched “zero makeready” Horizon HT-1000V variable three-knife trimmer.

“Ipex needs something for people to come and ask ‘what should I be doing, where is the industry going, how do I save and make more money’. No-one is pretending that roll-to-roll inkjet isn’t capital intensive, but once you’ve done it the savings and opportunities can be huge,” said IFS joint managing director Bryan Godwyn.

IFS will be producing around 10 jobs for Fuji, as well as a number of jobs for other exhibitors.

“Ipex is shaping up to be a show of partnerships and that’s good for us and, more importantly, fantastic for visitors,” added Godwyn.

As well as working with IFS, Fuji will also be producing calendar products finished on Renz kit.

Fuji is also in informal discussions with another exhibitor, which could result in another informal partnership at the show.

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