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Riso to premiere low-cost inkjet presses and post-press add-ons at Ipex

he X1 is the fourth generation of Riso’s inkjet engines and uses Riso’s proprietary ForceJet cold-fusing inkjet technology with oil-based pigment inks for instant drying on uncoated stocks.

There are three engines in the X1 range: from the 90 A4/ppm stripped down, entry level 3110 and the 120ppm ComColor 7150, up to the flagship ComColor 150ppm ComColor 9150. The machines can handle uncoated sheets up to 340x550mm in weights from 46-210gsm.

Riso will be running five configurations of the 300x600dpi 7150 and 9150 at Ipex.

The X1 series began shipping last year, with a number already installed in the UK, but Ipex represents its first major showing. According to Riso UK product manager Mike Murphy, the USP of the X1 series is its combination of high productivity, low cost and small footprint.

“We can extract 150ppm out of a machine that isn’t much bigger than a standard MFP, so in terms of speed versus footprint there is nothing else like it in on the market. In many ways we compete with the large production devices, but in terms of price levels we’re a fraction of the price. People consider a bank of four, five or six X1s instead of something like a JetStream or iGen,” said Murphy.

According to Murphy, the X1 series is “comfortably” capable of handling 500,000 average monthly page volumes. Depending on configuration the machines, engine only, are available from around £18,000 to £30,000.

At Ipex the firm will demonstrate an X1 configured with a high-capacity feeder and stacker running with a IPDS native controller for complete verification.

The firm will also demonstrate an X1 running inline with an Ipex launched high-capacity Perfect Binder, printing white paper to perfect bound books. The line is capable of printing and binding inners and covers of a 50pp full-colour book at a rate of around one per minute.

Ipex will also be the launchpad for Riso’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher. The compact, inline white paper mailing line uses an envelope ‘form’ that can be linked with a wide range of mailing software and is capable of up to 2,200 envelopes an hour.

“As well as printing the letter, it offers the ability to print messaging on the outside of envelope as well as address, giving you, depending on the software you have, a mailing ready to go straight into the post. If you can create in the software, you can print it,” said Murphy.

The Japan-headquartered firm will also use the event to show, for the first time, The Bridge, its collaboration with Böwe Systec. The Bridge is a Böwe inserter dynamically linked to ComColor X1 to create a white paper mailing line running standard C5 or DL window envelopes to produce up to 8,200 items per hour.

“This machine is very much targeted at production printers producing utility bills and transactional mailings, that sort of thing,” said Murphy.

“Ipex has come round at the perfect time for us. Ipex 2010 was very good for us, but we didn’t have anywhere near the range of accessories we do now, so it’s going to be an exciting show for us.”

Riso has a UK installed base of around 1,500 inkjet devices, all using same technology as the X1.

“You can put a scanner and finisher on it and you can find it in schools or inplants. You take the same engine and put a high-capacity feeder and stacker on it with a more powerful RIP and you will find it in production print and transactional environments. The engine is incredibly versatile,” said Murphy.

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