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Print not discussed at school as career option, BPIF research shows

Marking the seventh National Apprenticeship Week, the BPIF asked 133 of its 16 to 18-year-old apprentices across the UK about their experiences in applying for and taking part in their programmes.

Of the respondents, while 78% said that their schools had discussed apprenticeships with them, only 6% said that printing was encouraged as a career option. Additionally 74% said that support during their courses had been provided by their families, with just 21% stating that their schools or colleges had given their support.

Despite this 90% said they would recommend an apprenticeship to a friend. 

“It is disappointing that schools don’t fully appreciate what a great career entry a print apprenticeship is,” said BPIF chief executive Kathy Woodward.

“Despite most schools having a print operation in close proximity to them little efforts are made to promote print apprenticeships. We have a shared responsibility with schools and the National Apprenticeship Service to market the industry,” she added.

Accordig to the BPIF survey, 79% of respondents said they had found the application process easy, with 46% accessing the National Apprenticeship website, and 83% said they knew other people that were undertaking apprenticeships.

The survey results also revealed that BPIF apprentices, for the most part, felt that working at the same time as earning a qualification was the best thing for them in the current economic climate and the best way to get onto the career ladder.

Respondents cited being more independent, being treated like adults, pay rises and learning new skills as the biggest bonuses of taking part in an apprenticeship.

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