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Print Designs' Zund cuts bottleneck

Commercial printer Print Designs has bought a Zund G3XL3200CVE from supplier Robert Horne to ease a bottleneck in its finishing department.

The Stafford-based company installed a Vutek QS2000 UV flatbed printer in February 2010, leaving its cutting department struggling to keep up.

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Print Designs director Mark Thompson said: "When we bought the new flatbed printer we saw a dramatic increase in output, but found work was grinding to a halt, as we just couldn’t convert the projects quickly enough.

"The new cutter has allowed us to increase our channel of work on standard product conversion such as Opaljet for roller banners and pop-up stands."

Print Designs has also looked at new areas such as point-of-sale display stands, as well as looking at new substrates such as Robert Horne's Honeycombed Board.

Print Designs' Zund features automated cutting and trimming functions, removing potential mistakes and improving efficiency, according to the company. It can cut materials up to 50mm thickness.

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