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Product Name: automatic digital foil stamping machine(Ky-330A)

Product Description

Online Video

automatic digital foil stamping machinef from jacob liao on Vimeo.

Hot Stamping foil printer Ky-330A, special for scroll material. With CE, ISO, SGS certificate.

Max thickness admits: 3mm
Max printing width: 256mm
Max feeding width: 350mm
Max printing length: Unlimited:
Speed: 80m/H
Resolution: 200dpi
Power: 300 W

Support Coredrew, artcut, photoshop, word, (artcut is ours softwares).
Support Win7, XP system.
Support free charges driver, update driver for free.
Connect with computer online printing, or USB/SD card offline printing

Using foil as it's consumables, Foil size: 260mm*120m
Foil Color: Gold, silver, red, blue, green, black

Also, we provide other sizes foils according customer's specific

1) No need to make plate, typesetting &Printing machine system.
2) Special printing on scroll materials, print length is unlimited.
3) Can print any images according customer's different requirement,
Done with customers wait.
4) A3 width format material feeding, thickness within 3mm or 350g,
Soft media.
5) Application media: Glossy coated paper, leathers, card paper, sticker,
Film, ribbon, invitations, linoleum, etc.

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