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Product Name: Automatic paper counting machine ky-2000

The Professional Paper Counter Machine/ Automatic Paper Counting Machine has the features of high precision counting, suitable or all kinds of different thickness paper, with the function of mark paper inserter. It can be setted up by customers for different quantity paper counting.

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1) Machine size:  500X500X1400mm weight: 150kg
2) Running speed:800-2000pcs/min
3)Paper Thickness:22-255g/㎡
4)Valtage: 220VAC-240VAC
6)Air power:50-60bar
7)Size of paper:Max size: 900X1367mm, Min size: 100mmX100mm, Max height: 120mm
8) size of tag:Thickness 0.25mm, Width 5.5 mm
9) tag interval quantity:2-9999 pcs
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