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Kylin Int’l Machinery Limited
Address: Xiaohe industry area, Daojiao town, Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China.
E-mail: jacob#kylinmachinery.com

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News center
   Communisis announces Orchestra consultation, contract wins2011.10.25
   Brilliant Media shines as BAPC Company of the Year at body's annual conference2011.10.25
   Kodak files suit as spat with Collins ink heats up2011.10.25
   Pitney Bowes launches entry-level inserting system to Europe2011.10.19
   Orcadian ends excessive turnarounds with laminator spend2011.10.19
   Newbind upgrades AdventurePUR perfect binder2011.10.19
   Shawbrook launches with £250m SME loan target2011.10.19
   Apply for Import License of Printing Equipment become Easier2011.10.15
   drupa 2012: The focus is on the future of printing2011.10.15
   All in Print China or China International Exhibition for All Printing Technology2011.10.15
   Duplo lauds London Calling 3D success2011.10.13
   Graphico installs Polar 115 X Plus guillotine2011.10.13
   PrintCity Alliance launches joint training programme2011.10.13
   Pitney Bowes launches entry-level inserting system to Europe2011.10.13
   Tolerans launches inline stitching for large format newspapers2011.10.13
   Ward Imaging & Design invests in Xerox 560 on back of contract win2011.10.13
   Midas Press in administration2011.10.13
   Printers missing out on benefits of bespoke, says Pendragon2011.10.11
   Duplo lauds London Calling 3D success2011.10.11
   Pindar Preston sale raises £2m2011.10.11
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