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Tharstern joins Coca-Cola and Rolex as one-name company brand

The Colne, Lancashire-based company has swept away the specific-name modules for the Tharstern MIS. Instead, they will just be known as Tharstern ‘estimating’, ‘scheduling’ or ‘CRM’ modules to avoid confusion. The Primo Live app is now called ‘the Tharstern app’.

A new logo, website and other company livery was also developed with the help of client feedback and launched on Monday.

Managing director Keith McMurtrie said the company had decided to “redefine, refresh and clarify” all aspects of the company’s branding to “reflect a modern, forward-thinking technology company that is going from strength to strength”.

“A lot of the changes – which include vibrant colour and clean white spaces, as well as a change to our logo – have been based on the research that we undertook with our customers. After speaking to them, we realised that some were confused by the different brand names that we have and that, on the whole, they simply call the brand ‘Tharstern’.”

“During the process of the management buy-out last year, we set a long-term strategy of growth and any company that’s in it for the long haul needs to evolve its look and stay current. 

“We’ve made a significant investment in refreshing our brand, our offices, our marketing collateral and our product and this has given our customers even more reassurance about our commitment to being an independent company that’s focused on one product." 

Tharstern was formed more than 30 years ago and McMurtrie led an MBO in July 2014.  It launched in US two months ago and now has 7,000 users of its MIS and workflow software, with more than 600 UK print businesses among them.

McMurtrie said the company had found the US market receptive to independent MIS suppliers.

“We’ve had significant interest already and we’re very excited about our future in the US  We also have plans for further penetration into the label and packaging sector and will continue to develop our MIS as one that supports all kinds of print disciplines in one solution,” he said. 

He added that having the same name for a product and company is the best branding strategy that you can have.

“Think about all the great brands that have adopted a similar approach – Rolex, Coca-Cola and Zippo to name a few. That’s why we’re retiring all our other brand names and from now on, the product will always be referred to as ‘Tharstern’.”

Tharstern’s, new website now has a specific resource centre hosting video footage, white papers, infographics, ‘how to’ guides and case study materials, including technical data.

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