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Roland DG introduces third generation TrueVis

Roland DG has launched the third generation of its TrueVis printer/cutter machines.

The VG3-640/540 and the entry-level SG3-540/300 models are new additions to the manufacturer’s TrueVis range of wide-format, eco-solvent inkjet machines that will replace the second generation models in the field.

The machines are aimed at printers operating in the sign and graphics and personalisation markets and can be used for a wide range of applications from signage and banners to vehicle graphics, stickers, and labels.

New features on the machines include a user-friendly interface with a seven-inch LCD touch panel, automated media feed and gap adjustment to reduce user tasks, and easier media setup thanks to the one-touch media holders.

Roland's Media Take-Up system is also included with all TrueVis 3 devices with an automated setup function.

Efficiency is enhanced by the proactive maintenance and device information provided by Roland DG Connect. A clear colour-coded dashboard, meanwhile, gives an instant view of overall statistics and offers efficient printer management and cost tracking. 

Roland DG said the new machines also feature the time-saving colour matching and variation job function, supported by the latest version of the VersaWorks RIP software, which enables users to select print quality, colour correction settings, and combine output samples with different output settings to determine the final combination of settings.

The VG3-640 and 540 models use a new eight-colour inkset (CMYK, Lc, Lm, orange, and green) “for unequalled colour-matching and visual expression”. The results are said to combine vivid and rich colours, smooth gradations, neutral greys, and natural skin tones.

The SG3-540 and 300 models, meanwhile, are available in CMYK.

Both the VG3 and SG3 machines were handed a show debut by Roland DG at Sign & Digital UK at the NEC in Birmingham last week, where the company was demonstrating the kit on its stand.

Rob Goleniowski, Roland DG’s head of sales for the UK and Ireland, told Printweek: “The machines have been really well received, there has been a lot of interest in both the SG3 series and the VG3 series. They are the third generation of the TrueVis machines and a lot of [the technology] is tried and tested; it’s the same ink cartridges, the same ink system, and the same printheads that were on the previous generation, but a lot of the external features have been redesigned.

“The new control panel gives you a much greater understanding about what’s going on with the machine and it’s much more intuitive in terms of the way you set the machine up and use it to make you more productive. It doesn’t necessarily offer any faster print speeds than the old models – it didn’t really need to – but it’s got a much easier and faster workflow from the point of view of getting the files and getting the machine printing.

“There are extra print and cut features as well – we can do kiss cuts and there are also things like a perforated sheet cutter. Those extra little enhancements have made it easier to not only get the machine running but use the output quickly and easily that comes off it as well.”

The machines are commercially available immediately via Roland DG’s authorised dealer channel, with a lead time of around six to eight weeks.

The 54-inch VG3-540 is priced at £13,999, with the 64-inch VG3-640 model priced at £15,999. The 54-inch SG3-540 costs £10,999 while the 30-inch SG3-300 is priced at £8,499.

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