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Canon extends Arizona family

Canon has launched two new models in the Arizona 1300 flatbed printer series that feature its Flow zone-free vacuum system at Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich.

The GTF and XTF models are available immediately via accredited partners as well as Canon’s direct sales organisations, and will replace the existing Arizona 1300 GT and XT models.

The Arizona 1300 series with Flow technology is targeted at the growing mid-volume segment, enabling users to offer a wide range of applications for retail, signage, interior decor, packaging, and industrial markets.

The new models provide “versatile, accurate and highly efficient” multi-board and double-sided printing, Canon added, and feature variable print speeds of up to 52.8sqm/hr.

Users can print on rigid or flexible media of any size up to 1.25x2.5m with the Arizona GTF or 2.5x3.08m on the Arizona XTF.

Flow technology makes it quicker to change media and board size, therefore making it suitable for printing many short-run jobs spread throughout the day. As there are no vacuum zones, less masking and taping is required, reducing effort, time, and cost.

Features include an updated, hands-free, printhead maintenance system that selectively restores nozzle function in seconds and a user interface updated with Advanced Image Layout Controls.

The new, last-minute pre-print adjustment capabilities include trimming, multi-reference points flexibility, and visualisation and modification of the print layer sequence.

These controls also allow operators to make last-minute substrate choices needed to respond quickly to changes in board material availability, helping to use up leftovers and reduce waste while providing more flexibility, time savings, and cost efficiencies.

The printer also features an accounting interface (API) that provides data about ink consumption and production time.

New print modes have also been added for the new models, including Quality-Smooth, Production-Plus, and Quality-Plus (available for eight-channel configurations). The additional ‘Plus’ modes also allow users to achieve a larger colour gamut, with light cyan, light magenta, and white inks in the higher-quality print modes for “exceptional quality” photo and fine-art applications.

The new GTF and XTF models retain third generation VariaDot printing technology which Canon said delivers photorealistic image reproduction and a more advanced use of different ink drop sizes in the various colours, ensuring the biggest choice in quality and speed ratios.

The product lifecycle of the Arizona flatbed printer series, from design and manufacturing to use, reuse and recycling, has been developed to be sustainable.

Blower boxes for creation of the Flow and LED curing bring energy efficiencies, while it is designed to be repairable and easily disassembled, enabling reuse and recycling of materials and supporting the transition to a circular economy.

In addition, 100% renewable electricity is used to produce the devices at the manufacturing site in Germany while VariaDot technology reduces ink consumption.

Greenguard Gold certified, the inks are safer for use in public environments and are free from Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Components (VOCs).

Mathew Faulkner, EMEA director, marketing and innovation, Wide Format Printing Group, Canon Europe, said: “With the added Flow technology and automation enhancements, these new models deliver the proven Arizona quality and versatility, but make production quicker and easier than ever, boosting our customers’ competitiveness.”

He added: “In the last couple of years our customers have had to do a lot more with less, they’ve had to try and be more automated and to bring more streamlined operations, but at the same time they’re trying to find more work and applications.

“With flatbed printing, the taping and masking of vacuum zones can be quite time consuming, so [this helps them to] take that away, especially when our customers are doing a greater proportion of shorter runs and spending more time changing over materials.”

Pricing for the Arizona 1300 series with Flow technology ranges from €122,000 to €199,000, depending on configuration and size.

Also available with the new printer series is new Prismaelevate XL software, which enables customers to design creative, high value applications with tactile elevation effects by creating textured surfaces, embossing, metallic accents, and raised lettering up to 2mm.

It also provides innovative print options, with the capability to produce accessible signage, such as braille, for the visually impaired.

Prismaelevate extends the Prisma XL Suite and succeeds the Arizona Touchstone software, delivering twice the elevation at up to 20% higher speeds on the Arizona 1300 and 2300 flatbed series.

Prismaelevate XL will be available for ordering and delivery from July 2023.

Canon is exhibiting at stand B2-B10 at Messe Munich.

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