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WisePrint Solutions supports events work with new ColorJet

WisePrint Solutions has increased its productivity and efficiency after taking on a new ColorJet Verve 2513 flatbed LED-UV printer.

Supplied by Quality Print Services (QPS), and installed at the Birmingham-based design, print, and marketing specialist in May, the device has helped the company to expand its offering in the events sector.

The ColorJet Verve 2513 enables high-quality direct printing onto almost any kind of rigid surface, including wood, glass, leather, ceramic tiles, and more.

WisePrint managing director Vipan Sadhra said that while the affordability of the device stood out to the business, its ability to produce high quality print at faster speeds than the company was previously operating at was also a major factor in its decision to invest.

He commented: “The ColorJet Verve 2513’s exceptional quality within its price range solidified our decision. Its impressive speed and efficiency have enabled us to maintain exceptional product quality while increasing production speed. Moreover, the machine’s versatility in handling various materials aligns seamlessly with our operational needs.

“Since integrating the ColorJet Verve 2513 into our workflow, we’ve experienced noticeable enhancements in efficiency and production output. This pivotal addition has not only streamlined tasks but also enabled us to expand into more profitable markets, elevating our business presence.”

Since the printer was installed, it has been used to produce work ranging from tailored event backdrops to customised dancefloors.

“We now collaborate with event companies, offering high-quality printed media to enhance their customers’ events,” said Sadhra.

“Our services encompass custom-printed backdrops, floorings on hip sheets, seating plans, welcome boards, and unique feature displays.”

Sadhra said WisePrint is also seeking opportunities in other markets, with the ColorJet Verve 2513’s ability to handle various materials and deliver high-quality output at high speed enabling the company to present new ideas to customers across more industries.

“We consistently undertake a diverse array of projects that leverage the advanced features and flexibility of the ColorJet Verve 2513. The machine has played an important role in helping us to diversify,” Sadhra added.

“Exceptional feedback from event companies regarding the output quality has resulted in increased returning customers and referrals. This boost in loyalty – and recommendations – has fortified our market position and helped with expansion into new sectors.

“Furthermore, the ColorJet Verve 2513’s consistent delivery of superior results has empowered us to undertake ambitious projects with unmatched efficiency.

“Overall, the ColorJet Verve 2513 has proven to be indispensable in improving workflows, enhancing productivity, and meeting the demands of our growing clientele.”

WisePrint also produces marketing materials, merchandise, uniforms, shopfront signage, and vehicle graphics.

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