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CMP (UK) futureproofs with Horizon install

Book printer CMP (UK) has taken on a Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer to drive operational efficiencies and support responsive service delivery.

Supplied by Intelligent Finishing Systems (IFS), the system was installed at the Poole, Dorset-based business on 14 August.

Paul Dawe, owner and managing director, said: “The Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer was chosen to introduce production and financial efficiencies and respond to a number of operational challenges.

“We want to deliver more responsive services and, when it is harder and harder to find good people, investing in the best highly automated equipment helps us achieve that cost effectively.”

Client service director Richard Johnson added: “We have been having a lot of success in the publishing market and in a post-Covid environment there is an emphasis on short-run orders being placed more frequently.

“That is something digital print is perfectly placed to meet. The Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer replaced two Horizon HT-30C trimmers and tripled our productivity.

“It has helped streamline throughput and enabled us to expand our capacity. We can be more flexible and that in turn supports our clients as we can more easily react to their needs.”

The HT-300 iCE Trimmer runs at 1,100bph and offers fast set-up and reduced operator touchpoints. It incorporates iCE LiNK cloud-based workflow that provides access to an intuitive dashboard that reports real-time production analysis for improved efficiency and profitability, remote update capabilities, and scheduled maintenance, resulting in less downtime.

CMP (UK) already operates a Horizon BQ-470 perfect binder, and the company’s comfort in running the manufacturer’s kit influenced the decision to buy the HT-300 iCE Trimmer.

“We put the system through its paces at IFS’s showroom and immediately saw the impact it would have on production,” said Dawe.

“The iCE LiNK will help futureproof us as we continue to invest in the bindery over the next 24 to 36 months. We will be able to join up any new additions together and measure what we are achieving.”

Established in 1995, 10-staff CMP (UK) offers a wide array of book printing services to publishers and self-publishing authors.

It produces high quality soft and hardback books in black and white, full colour, or a mix of the two, and runs two Canon colour digital presses and three Canon VarioPrint mono digital presses.

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