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PG Paper relaunches Trucard

Paper merchant PG Paper has partnered with Mosaico Specialty Papers to relaunch the long-established Trucard brand back into the UK market.

The strategic partnership will introduce a new range of products under the Trucard brand.

Greenock, Scotland-headquartered PG Paper said the collaboration would combine its extensive distribution network and market expertise with Burgo Group company Mosaico’s product innovation and manufacturing capabilities.

PG Paper said Trucard boasts a range of high-quality characteristics such as exceptional whiteness, brightness, and smooth surfaces “for excellent printability”.

Lyndsey James-Williams, commercial director at PG Paper, said: “We are excited to join forces with Mosaico Specialty Papers and reintroduce the Trucard portfolio to the market.

“This partnership showcases our dedication to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions to our customers. We are confident that this collaboration will bring immense value to both companies and further solidify Trucard's position as a market leader.”

A Mosaico Specialty Papers spokesperson added: “This partnership combines our manufacturing expertise with PG Paper’s extensive distribution network, allowing us to reach a wider customer base and deliver superior products.”

PG Paper had bought the Trucard brand from the administrators of papermaker Tullis Russell back in 2015.

It was Tullis Russell’s most prominent brand – in 2014 it had reportedly sold 73,142 tonnes of Trucard-branded paper.

PG Paper told Printweek the UK market “holds significant strategic importance for PG Paper, as customers are showing a growing demand for premium, high-quality packaging solutions”.

It said Trucard has historically had a consistent interest and, in preparation, it has conducted trials of the new Trucard portfolio in collaboration with strategic partners “and are now fully prepared to launch this exciting product and are eager to see its impact on the market”.

The Trucard portfolio will introduce three premium grades: trucard 0 matt, trucard 1 silk, and trucard 2 silk, each available in various GSM options.

The business will provide more in-depth information about the portfolio specifications in the lead-up to its upcoming exhibitions later this month, The Print Show in Birmingham and London Packaging Week, where visitors will be able to view the new portfolio for the first time.

Prospective customers can immediately access samples from the Trucard portfolio through PG Paper, which said it would be happy to discuss quantities, while additional information and pricing would be available to prospective customers through its UK sales team.

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