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AMS launches Kirk-Rudy Firejet 4C to UK market

AMS Mailing Systems has launched Kirk-Rudy’s heavy-duty factotum envelope press, the Firejet 4C, to the UK and Ireland market.

While first released in 2019, the Firejet 4C’s latest design – to debut at this month's Printing United expo in Atlanta, Georgia – will incorporate inkjet developer Memjet’s Duraflex 325C print engine.

As standard, the Firejet 4C prints four colours at up to 1,600x1,600dpi from its single printhead across 320mm of paper width, and can run at a top speed of 46m/min.

Kirk-Rudy’s heavy-duty design allows for a variety of media, including bags, envelopes, sheets, napkins and coasters. The machine can also be configured to open an envelope flap, print on the inside, then close the flap before passing it down the line.

A wide range of specialised feeders, including various friction feeders and shingle conveyor, are on offer from AMS alongside the machine.

Designed for ease of use, the Firejet 4C can be run by unskilled staff, and is intended to outflank desktop and small digital printers on quality, while undercutting larger production presses on price – though the latter will vary significantly according to production needs, according to AMS.

Mansur Ali, AMS’ managing director, said: “This groundbreaking inkjet printer presents a game-changing option in the market, providing a profitable alternative to compact desktop printers reliant on toner-based colour technology.”

Ali added: “The FireJet 4C not only replaces traditional offset printing for one- or two-colour jobs but also redefines industry operations.”

Due to high demand in Kirk-Rudy’s US market, AMS currently has lead times of around six months for the press.

AMS sold its first Firejet in September 2023.
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