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Help bring cheer to soldiers

Help bring cheer to soldiers

By Angela Weatherford

The Daniel McMahon Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution and the Athens Daily Review are trying to make Christmas just a little brighter for soldiers fighting overseas.

“This is an annual event for DAR and the Review,” said Review staff member Rhonda Garcia. “This is just a great chance for people to donate gifts for the troops, and for us to show our appreciation to them for all that they do.”

A patriotic Christmas tree was set up in the lobby of the Review on Oct. 10. People can drop off donations during regular business hours until Nov. 20.

“The deadline is Nov. 20, because it takes awhile for the items to get to their destinations, and we want to make sure that they are there by Christmas,” said Garcia.

Items that can be donated are toiletries, cookies, crackers, beef jerky, trail mix, silly string, DVDs, games, X-Box video games, Trivial Pursuit, cards and Kool-Aid. Money is also needed to pay for postage, because everything will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service. The Review is also accepting names of soldiers who will not be home for Christmas, because each box must be sent to a specific person.

Garcia said that a lot of money has been donated for the packaging, but that more items need to be donated.

“We have over 15 names of soldiers right now and we haven’t received as many items as we have in the past,” said Garcia. “People need to really dig deep, and help out.”

If you would like to send your soldiers name, please send the complete address and APO number care of the Athens Daily Review, P.O. Box 32, Athens, TX 75751, or you can e-mail them to [email protected] For more information, call the Review at 903-675-5626.

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