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Opus installs Intellijet duo as part of £5m investment

Leicester-based Opus Trust Marketing has invested in two Pitney Bowes Intellijet 20 continuous production inkjet printers as part of a £5m investment round for the company.

The machines, one of which is already installed, are based around HP's T-Series digital colour web presses, and will help the £12.5m-turnover company ramp up volumes as it moves clients to colour.

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They are specified with Tecnau dynamic perforation equipment and Hunkeler winders and are the latest in a round of installations that include an Océ 10000, two CMC 9000 mailing lines with paper wrapping and a second consolidation machine.

"We're probably one of the most advanced shop floors in the country," said chief executive Linda Scott. "Our clients want to add colour, and with this speed I can offer that and still meet my SLAs."

The machine prints in full colour at a top speed of 61m per minute, and Scott added that the Intellijet's 1,200x600dpi resolution meant the reception from the 150-staff company's customers had been very good.

"Working with our clients to make their documents more effective is a real focus for us at present," said Scott. "Clearer communications and improved customer response is critical to them as they strive to strengthen relationships with their own customers."

Part of the company's focus on transactional and electronic services such as billing documents and email for the likes of Npower has resulted in the decision to close its Swindon fulfilment facility. This was partly driven by the investment going into Leicester as well as a trend that has seen its non-transactional customers moving out of the UK.

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