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UK ISVs develop first NetSuite SuiteBundler vertical

UK ISVs develop first NetSuite SuiteBundler vertical apps

Posted by Chris Green in San Francisco at 10:33AM, Thursday 25th October 2007

Two British ISVs are among the first group of software specialists to develop resalable vertical solutions for NetSuite's hosted enterprise application suite, using its new SuiteBundler development distribution technology.

NetSuite, the software as a service (SaaS) provider, has unveiled the first wave of resellers and third party developers to offer niche vertical solutions for the NetSuite product, using the SuiteBundler development technology.

Two UK companies are among the group, offering vertical customisation for two of the company's biggest sectors - financial services and wholesale distribution.

St Helens-based Into Technology International has developed a specialist solution for the electronics distribution industry. Intoscape is a SuiteBundler-based solution for companies handling large volumes of electronics goods and selling them wholesale across multiple touch points such as the web, call centres and via mail order.

The Intoscape customisation allows companies to manage price and inventory movements along with comparative pricing against competitors.

"What attracted us to use NetSuite SuiteBundler was that it allowed us to integrate everything NetSuite has to offer with our own vertical-industry solution" the company said. "If a wholesale/distributor is procuring combinations of products from a range of suppliers and wants to deliver value and wider choice to customers, while at the same time increasing profits, Intoscape and NetSuite make for an excellent combination for companies managing large volumes of stock and data with minimal personnel."

Nolan Computers, based in Fleet in Hampshire, is developing a solution for companies dealing with fixed asset management and managing the value of depreciating assets.

"It's a significant thing that we're able to deliver our fixed asset solution as just another module within NetSuite," said Tim Nolan, chief executive of Nolan Computers. "SuiteBundler makes it extremely simple and slick for us to deliver this to customers so they can't even tell where NetSuite's functionality ends, and ours begins."

Also announced at the NetSuite Revolution conference in San Francisco was a tool developed by packaging supplies company Eco Box. Eco Box is an example of a NetSuite user that has created a niche supply management customisation, and is now using the SuiteBundler technology to package the customisation and distribute it itself to other users, in the form of its future franchisees.

"Our solution shows when our trucks are going to deliver the boxes. When a sales order is created, it lets the customers know when the truck will be there. Another example is our 'Box Buy' program, which automatically populates the fields of vendor, price, location and the whole process of buying back used shipping crates for moving," said Dale Malone, president of Eco Box.

Other vertical customisations available for the NetSuite platform via SuiteBundler at launch include tax automation tools, warranty management, pharmaceutical customisations and personnel management extensions.

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