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New Lamidesk range at Sign & Digital UK

A new range of LamiDesk industrial motorised flatbed roll laminating machines has been launched at Sign & Digital UK.

The LamiDesk range, which includes a LamiDesk Power 3016 1600mm x 3000mm and the LamiDesk Power 4016 1600mm x 4000mm, differs from other laminating models on the market through its inclusion of a motorised roller, said UK distributor GTP.

Though the range can also be operated manually, the motorised roller gives the advantage of allowing the operator to feed the substrate from the top of the machine rather than the side, to ensure smooth, dust-free lamination.

It also helps to prevent warping on the machine which can over time as a result of only being guided by an operator from one side.

The Lamidesk Power 3016 is priced at £12,225 and the Power 4016 £13,925, with an extra £1,445-£1,785 charged for an illuminated bed, and an extra £298 for a higher bed. A non-motorised LamiDesk Easy 3016 and 4016 are also available for £9,250 and £10,950 respectively.

General manager at LamiDesk manufacturer Iltec, Erik Hartnagel, said: "People are very interested in flatbed applications at the moment and we’ve had a lot of interest at the show. This laminator is 100% accurate, eliminates the risk of dust and makes life much more comfortable for the operator."

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