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Star product: Wohlenberg Quickmax

A perfect binder designed with digitally printed books in mind

What is it?

The Quickmax is a perfect binder that can operate at 2,000-3,000 cycles per hour (cph). The machine is part of the same range as Wohlenberg’s Quickbinder, but is designed to be more flexible, enabling users to modify it to meet their specific needs.

When was it launched?
The prototype was first shown at Drupa in May this year.

How does it work?

Roger Cartwright, sales manager for bookbinding at Wohlenberg distributor Friedheim International, says the machine is designed to be "future-proof" for the digital sector as it can be modified according to the user’s changing needs.

"Users could have it specified as a conventional machine with the normal feeding elements, such as a gatherer or a book block feeder, or it could be fitted with special digital features, such as a loose block feeder, automatic clamp adjustment from one book to the next, and cover to book block matching," he says.

The cooling and curing process features a cassette delivery system instead of a conveyor and Cartwright says the machine is able to apply all glue types.

It is equipped with a second servo-driven spine preparation head, which Friedheim says helps in improving spine preparation for maximum page pull strengths.

For loose digital book block output, the machine can be fed with a dedicated hand-feed system.

How does it differ from other models in the range?
The machine can be equipped with a gauze feeding unit to allow for book block and single-pass hollow spine production.

Friedheim says the machine’s book handling structure has also been developed from traditional cold glue bookbinding applications and this makes it suitable for more delicate book block work. 

To cater for the varying thicknesses of substrate involved in digital printing, the Quickmax has automatic sequential clamp-to-clamp adjustment. It also uses a barcode reader to ensure accurate application of covers.

Which market is it aimed at?
Cartwright says it is aimed both at printers in the upper end of the digital book printing market that are looking for a machine that can handle longer runs and conventional litho printers that want to start taking on digital work as well.

How easy is it to use?
"With its automatic makereadies, any operator would find it very easy to use," says Cartwright.

The machine has an automated set-up system, which enables users to determine width and thickness in real time using a touchscreen control.

"You just select the part of the process you want to adjust on the screen and everything is motorised, so changes are made automatically," says Cartwright.

What is its USP?
"The main difference is that the Quickmax has been developed with digital production in mind, but is equally at home with conventional work. No other machine in its price range offers that versatility," claims Cartwright. "Some of the bigger binders do gauze feeding and most of them work with a range of glues, but this is the only machine for this price that is specifically developed for digital printing."

What support is on offer?
Friedheim has a team of engineers in the UK who offer support and spare parts to users of its perfect binders. "Tele-diagnostics is a standard feature and software and electronics problems can be investigated directly through the manufacturer," says Cartwright.

How many have been installed?
"As it’s only just coming on to the market, there have been no installations in the UK yet, but we’ve had a lot of enquiries and interest," says Cartwright.

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