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Product Name: groove machine(KY-1200)

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This machine is designed to slot the materail of gray paper board, or other industry board, using new technology of delivery skill, combine the board with a big Cylinder(diam: 600mm), fix the board in the right position, so as to be high Precision, high working speed, and and heavy serviceable.

1, Effection: Low noise&Dustless, Environmental

2, Low energy: Use powe of 3KW, the removed parts of cardboard is recyclable

3, Capacity: 10, 000pic each 8 hours

4, Blade: Sharp and heavy serviceable, one sharpen machine(300$) is offered free

5, the angle of slotting: Two individual blades fixed with tools, the angle of the blade is adjustable

6, Capable of creasing Right-angle crossing slotted lines, which is able to form a box

Applicated width: 50-1100mm
Applicated longth: mix 50mm
Gap bewteen two slots: 0-900mm
Applicated thickness: 0.8mm-4.0mm
slotting Number:Max 8 (customize)
Speed: 10-35m/min

Packaging Dimension(L*W*H):L1500xW1400xH1600mm

Packaging Volume: 4CBM
Gross Weight: 1500Kg
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