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Product Name: Case Maker machinery
China automatic Casemaker and laminator has adopted an auto feeder to feed paper and an auto cardboard positioning system. It can detect double sheet in ultrasonic manner and press the angless with a gas controller. It also can transfer the materials in a table-type pile. This machine is characterized by running fast and convenience in operation. It is a latest machine to manufacture perfect book covers, case maker, notebooks, slipcase, calendars, hangling calendars, files, etc.
Import optical axis, linear guide, linear motion units
Paper size (A×B) Min: 120×230mm
 Paper thickness   100~200gsm 
 Cardboard thickness (T)   1~3mm 
 Min.spine width (S)   10mm 
 Max quantity of cardboard   6pieces 
 Precision   ±0.50mm 
 Production speed   1500sheets/Hour
 Motor power   5kw/380V 3phase
 Heater power   6kw 
 Machine weight   3300kg
 Dimension  7750×2500×1660mm(35CBM)
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