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Product Name: Sime Automatic Case maker(KY-450)
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This Case Maker consists of Manual Cluing Station for Hot Melt or Cold Clue, Automatic Board Placement with Pneumatic Control, Turning-in Station and Pressing Station. The Case maker is equipped with in-direct heating for hot melt glue with facility to add water which evaporates due to heat.
The cover duly glued is held with high speed suction for placing the boards automaticly. The adjustment for using small and big boards is simple & operator friendly. The Pressure rollers bind the cover with the board and stacks in the stacker. Whole operation takes 10 seconds to make a case with one worker.


Thickness of paper sheet: 80---350gsm
Min size:  60x60mm
Max size:  450x900mm
Power:    1.2kw
Voltage:  220v/50hz
Speed:   120-200pcs/hour
Air compressor:  0.6Mpa
Machine Packaging Size: 1450mmX1820mmX1500mm
Weight:     550kg
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