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Product Name: Saddle Stitching Machine(KY-305)
Product Description

1)It installs Microcomputer control, can equip with two original USA M2000 stitching heads, Italy motor, Taiwan transducer.
2)Manual and automatic operation, speed adjusting, calculating, Automatically stop while paper jam happened
3)No stitching without paper.
4)Excellent and nice structure, easy operation
5)It is applicable for binding all kinds of books, magazines, albums, Advertising instructions etc.
6)It is the first select equipment for all kinds of printing binding.

Speed   15-100pcs/min

Thickness   0.3-4mm

Max size   305×450mm

Min size   89×127mm
Thread size   25#--27#

Electric power   0.75kw

Machine size   2200×1320×1350mm

Machine weight   320kg

Advantage   factory direct price
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