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Product Name: Paper sheet cutting machine
1. Usage: QZYK-D Program Control Paper Cutting Machine is used to cut the printing paper of various kinds, paper products, plastic, thin film, leather, slice of non-ferrous metal, etc.
2. COMPUTER: Our paper cutting machine is equipped with imported whole set computer controlling system. The computer can do self-diagnose while malfunction, and do self-protection while wrong operation.
3. Double Hydraulic Device: The hydraulic system adopts the Germany advanced technology. Equipped with combined hydraulic valve, double hydraulic controlling structure, it approves hydraulic device greatly. The hydraulic device pass CE certificate.
4. Double Guide Device: The paper pusher adopts double linear guide and roller ball screw. Our high rigidity linear guides design has its patent no: ZL 2005 2 0074357.0
5. Photo cell: It's a safety protection device of our paper cutting machine.
6. Over load protection device; Convenient knife changing device.
7. Worktable chrome treatment: The worktable and side board surface of our paper cutting machine are all adopted chrome treatment to improve the precision and quality of the machine.
8. Air ball: Air balls are installed in the worktable of each paper cutting machine. The paper sending work will be easy and accurate.
9. Cutting controller: Both of the user's hands can operate the paper cutting machine. So that the paper cutting machine can cut paper in one time.
10. Safety notice & Glass covers: The paper cutting machine has passed CE certificate. All the safety notice and direction mark is used to cause the safety attention of the user, and do protection and maintenance in time.
11. Main electric device are imported from Germany, French, Japan, etc.
Model KYK920D KYK1150D KYK1300D KYK1370D KYK1620D Unit
Max cutting width 93 115 130 137 162 cm
Max cutting length 110 116 135 145 165 cm
Max cutting height 13 16.5 14 16.5 16.5 cm
Max clamping pressure 30000 40000 40000 45000 55000 N
Cutting speed 45 45 45 45 45 times/m
Sending paper motor power 3 4 4 4 5.5 kw
Cutting motor power 0.4 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75 kw
Wind pump motor power 0.55 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.1 kw
Net weight 2600 4000 4300 4500 5500 kg
External dimension 226×217×151 261×267×165 280×282×166 290×289×171 315×296×171 cm
Packing dimension 230×137×185 260×157×200 287×157×200 302×157×200 337×157×220 cm
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