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Product Name: End paper pasting machine

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Inverter controlled adjustment
Glue mode: :upmoving glue, middle glue
Accurate photoelectric detection
Double-sheet detector


The V400B Flyleaf Pasting Machine is an ideal after-printing binding equipment for all kinds of printing shops and binding shops. It can be used to glue single page or multiple pages to book binding and to glue flyleaf to hard cover book and notebook before do thread sewing. It will greatly meet customer’s need to save labor cost.

The glue is adjustable at will.

Glue mode: :upmoving glue, middle glue

Accurate photoelectric detection for missing page.

Double-sheet detector

Paper fetching mechanism is similiar to paper collator machine, which is stable and reliable;

Frame is made of high quality steel equipped with self-aligning bearing which can ensure high speed running

Main electronic components are imported brand.with high quality


Max. pasting size: 400x370mm(single sheet no less than 60gsm)

Min. pasting size: 120x80mm

Max. speed: 4800pcs per hour

Main motor power: 0.75kw

Air pump power: 1.5kw

Weight: 1200kg

Dimensions: 2100mmx1300mmx1400mm

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