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Product Name: Lay-Flat Binder


Lay-Flat Binder of Children Board Book Binding Machine is designed to build a book block consisting of any number of quarter-folded four-page sections printed on one side only, which are glued together.

This type of book block preparation is required in particular for the production of digitally printed albums, photo books or board books for children in high and medium quantities.

The machine can use water based glue with grid glue roller that can work on full area of board without slipping out of edge of the board.

Considering the book dimension from 40 to 600 mm, the gluing system is built from grid coating roller designed from exported manufacturer on paper field.

Special processed grid coating roller (hardness 12)

The grid coating roller, not only can save the glue materails, but also apply the glue smoothly on the sureface of board, easily control the thickness of glue, No chance the glue slipped out of the edge of board

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Model Ky-600S
Max sheet size 600*300mm
Mini sheet size 50*80mm
Board Thickness 200g-4mm
Feeder One feeder head/
can be requiped two feeder heads as per required
Glue width 600mm
Diameter of gluer roller 78mm
Working speed 60pcs board/min
Power 0.5Kw
Machine dimension 800X700X1100mm
Machine weight 300Kg

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