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Product Name: Cosmetic box machine

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Easy to change difference size of mould, small space occupied, Easy operation, Safty guide availale, CE approval. 


A, Easy for standard hard cover / case cover / box cover ; 

B, For Make-up box, small size jewel box 50*80mm, with clumpy board , minimum 50*50mm; 

C, Differ kinds of case, round corner hardcover case, diary case and notebook case; 

D. Cosmetic box cover with mirror inside ; 

E. Irregular shape case, irregular arch/triangle/trapezium/S shape; 

F, Height case thickness from 1-15mm; 

G.Variety of cover materials : Silver/Gold paper, PU, leather, lamination paper; 

H, Customized machine available 


Model Ky-475 

Max size 475X400mm 

Min size 70X50mm 

Board thickness 1.3mm-15mm 

Power 800W Speed 30-50pcs/min 

Machine Dimension 1200X800X1100mm 

Machine weight 800Kg

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