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Product Name: Auto Cardboard groove machine

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Automatic v grooving machine is suitable for making high quality rigid boxes and book covers.
Groove with removal of the material without dust residues. The machine allows the production of covers or boxes at a right angle.

Performs grooves on board sheets or MDF. The Max wide size(1000mm) allows manufacturing most types of paper-over-board product, kappa board, grey board , mdf board etc . Especially ring binders and sample book covers with joint spine.

Board thickness 0.5mm to 5mm thickness from 80 degree to 140 degree, Machine has 8 number blades.

V grooving machine is useful for giving upright position to box and gives great finish . All types of high quality boxes like cell phone boxes , sweets boxes , gift boxes , leather products boxes , Jewelry boxes, book covers, slip case can made with the help of V grooving machine.

Automatic v grooving machine


Model Ky-1200A
Applicated width 50-1000mm
Applicated length 100-600mm
Gap bewteen two slots 0-900mm
Applicated thickness 0.8mm-5.0mm
slotting Number Max 8 (customize)
Working Speed 85pcs/min
V degree 80°-140°
Power 1.5KW
Machine Dimension 1850×1470×1300mm
Machine weight 1400Kg

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