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Product Name: Book block gumming and drying machine

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Book block gumming and drying machine is a late-model efficient post-printing 

equipment integrating the functions of book block pressing, gumming and drying.

Compared with the conventional way of manual gumming and spontaneous drying(manual drying), 

this machine only requires to have a book block put in, with no need of manual pressing and gumming.
To be a saver of time awaiting the glue to be dried(or manually dried).

This book block gumming and drying machine is an ideal solution to bind quality books in bulk in large, 

medium and small-sized printing houses and binderies.

book block gumming and drying machine

Model Ky-460B
Max glue size 460X350mm
Min glue size 160X120mm
Press power 10-20T
Book core thickness 10-150mm
Power 6Kw
Machine dimension 3080*800*1200mm
Machine weight 650Kg

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