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Product Name: Auto feed die cutting&stamping machine

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Auto feeder die cutting&stamping machine, working for 60-3,000gsm paper sheets, cardboards, leather, tissue paper, hard cover, film materials. Max sheet size: 750X430mm Speed: 2,000pcs/hour Setting time for die cutting process: 3-5 mins Setting time for hot stamping process: 8-10mins Fully mechanical motion Three machines can be operated by one worker 100% safty operation 9 times working effection than the traditional die cutting machine


Model: Ky-730ST

Machine size 2600mm X1300mm X1800mm

Machine weight 4350kg

Power  380v.10Kw

PLC control

Max sheets size 730mm*430mm

Min sheets size 200mm*120mm

Max thickness 3000gsm

Min sheets size 60 gsm

Max running speed 35 cycles/min

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