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Victoria lockdown: Packaging to continue

Classed as essential services, packaging companies are still allowed to manufacture, although anyone who can work at home must, including sales and admin staff. Equipment operators can come into work, visitors must be logged in and out, and all work premises must have an up-to-date Covid-safe plan that has been properly communicated to all staff.

Mark Dingley, chairman of the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) told PKN that the association's members provide essential services which ensure food and beverage supplies continue to flow during the lockdown periods.

“Covid-safe policies, protocols and processes implemented within the packaging and processing industry during the extensive Victoria 2020 lockdown has positioned our member businesses to rapidly adapt to the tighter circuit breaker restrictions. The APPMA will continue to provide whatever support and information that is available to assist our members during this period.

“While it is disappointing to once again be in lockdown, and to now face the extended lockdown, the APPMA is confident the progressive improvement in QR and tracking systems along with increased vaccinations will significantly reduce the need for future lockdowns,” Dingley said.

The initial seven-day lockdown will cost the Victorian economy between $700m to $1bn. That lockdown is now extended, as the authorities in Victoria believe lockdown is the best way to deal with the new strains, which the the chief health officer says is more infectious than any that have gone before, although other scientists have questioned that.

The two levels of government are in a war of words, with the Victorian government lashing out at the Commonwealth, believing it should be offering more support. However, the federal government has hit back, saying it believes it has done enough.

Kieren May, business sustainabilty manager at the Printing & Visual Communications Association (PVCA ) said: "All this blame shifting and territory marking by state and federal governments is such a folly. We have had over 12 months for them all to get on the same page. Who can tell me who is most at fault that businesses in Victoria are again suffering hardship?"

Packaging businesses will not be among the recipients of the Victorian government's $250m support package since they are able to carry on working as an essential services category. The Victorian government's support package includes $190m to use as $2500 grants for small businesses whose staff could not work from home (with a payroll up to $10m), $41m for grants of $3500 to hospitality venues, and $20m for events venues.

May said, “While print and packaging is essential to the supply chain across many critical services, common sense will need to be exercised to ensure that only those who need to be onsite take advantage of the privilege. Employers need to be mindful of community responsibilities and the health of their employees when deciding who should travel to work. Covid Safe plans needs to be updated and actioned.”

May says that PVCA will monitor new information over the crisis period and provide updates as necessary. Members can seek additional information through the PVCA.”

Kellie Northwood, CEO of The Real Media Collective (TRMC) said, “I cannot encourage all members and businesses enough to review your Covid notices, posters and other communications. Please consider updating your staff briefings, reprinting signage, change signage colours, new positions, new notices and more to bring your Covid safe plans and awareness to the top of minds once more. We can all become complacent and a reminder of elbow bumps instead of handshakes, bigger meeting rooms and air ventilation where possible are all important to maintain across our new-normal.” TRMC has also released a Covid briefing.

Interstate travel from Victoria is difficult; the WA, SA, Queensland and Tasmanian borders are closed, while arrivals into NSW have to abide by the Victoria restrictions.
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