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Kylin Int’l Machinery Limited
Address: 19#, Haoxin street, nanchen village, daojiao town, dongguan city. Guangdong province  China.
E-mail: jacob#kylinmachinery.com

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Kylin Machinery Company as one of the leading manufactures of packing machine in Guangdong province of China, we owned the paper bag machinery, rigid boxes machine, case maker, craft of groove,cutting,cover,book binding and notching,gluing,fold and so on, especially in giftbox and cover packing craft,we are professional. our company have the following characters:

  • Advanced product
    Information technique reform year in year out, make the package craft flow shift to digitize, package industry have great change,new ability requirement of the various paper bag machine, rigid boxes machine have heighten accordingly, and apply in paper bag, rigid box, deluxe binding book, wood cake box, mobile box and so on.

  • The whole production system
    Kylin enterprise manufacture after-printing packing machine, main produce various delicate paper bag, gift boxes, hard book cover. Kylin enterprise is a professional company to manufacture packaging machine, have the advanced production system and the strict quality control management, process and design with various workpiece.

  • The develop ability
    Kylin enterprise have a group for develop new products, based on accumulating technical and experience, with the great technical to manufacture good product. About the develop new products all should check and tryout strictly, after check steady to manufacture and process by machine manufacture department.

Kylin Machinery Company production lines generate turn and new changes in a wide range of product segments worldwide—accompanied by reliability and consequent quality orientation,we have won the support and trust from national and Internation customers.

Application In:

Square bottom Paper bag

Hard Book Cover

Set up boxes

Shopping bag

MDF boxes

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Address: 19#, Haoxin street, nanchen village, daojiao town, dongguan city. Guangdong province  China.
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Tel:+86-13650165734  E-mail: jacob#kylinmachinery.com
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