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Product Name: Hot-Melt-Glue

Hot-melt adhesive is used for the high quality gift box, hard book cover, file and so on. All products have the examination report of the environmental protection safety of Hong Kong standard and testing center. All types of our glue past the RoHS certificate.

Hot-melt adhesive is used in the machine which has the heating device. Because of the lower water in the glue, clean and environmental protection, it can avoid bad quality such as: Distortion, bubble, moldy and so on. Now it is necessary to use for the high quality gift box and hard book cover.

Glue of 1Kg can mix with water of 3Kg, which is able to cover sheet area of 1000M²

Apprearance Light yellow solid
solid content 55
viscosity 60degrees Mpa.s 3200
drying time 8-10 sec
PH about 6.5
recommended operating temprerature indirect heating, 60-65 degree
amount of the proposed coating 20-24gsm, add 3-10%water
storage cool drying place, aviod sunlight, where temperateure is not higher than 30 degree 
Packaging 10bags at 25kg/carton, 40CNT/PALLET
durability 12 Months
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