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Product Name: Golden stamping machine (KY-400-2)

1. Max. Stamping Size: 400*600 mm (16*24 inch)
2. Working table area: 800*520mm
3. Max printing pressure: 15, 000 Kg
4. Up and down distance: 70mm
5. Heat wattage: 3000W
6. Foil in feed: Motor Drive
7. Temperature adjustment: 0-300oC.

Production Advantage:
1. Vertical Pressure design ensures big pression;
2. Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, the temperature and the speed;
3. Worktable slight adjustment ensure precision stamping;
4. The height of the stamping head adjustable;
5. Automatic foil feeding and collecting.
6. Photecell installed to finsih heat transfer process.
Caution: Pay attention to High temperature state when Machine running. Aviod Putting your hand on the woking table while Machine starting.
Stamping Plates Materials: Silicon Rubber Edition;
Magnesium Edition.

Product Description:
Mobile screen, Household appliances Panel, Thick paper card, PVC board etc large dimension Flat substrate stamping and Bronzing. Woodiness objects baking-burns and Impress; Leather bronzing and Molding; Paper products concavo indentation. Graduated disc of clock bronzing

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