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Product Name: Precision Panel Saw

This product is improved and combined ltalian famous brand products with employ conditions in our country, they have exquisite structure, fashionable appearance and high accuracy, thery are the best choice for large and middle scale manufacturers of audio amplifier and furniture factuories.

Sliding table adopt advanced fifference moving ball straight-line guiding rail or precise cylinder straight-line guiding rail, high precision, long life span. The surface is glossy and smooth.

Max working length  2800mm
Max working height  80mm
Main saw blade diamentsiton  305mmX30mm
Scoring saw blade diamentsiton  120mmX20mm
Main saw spindle sleed  4200/5500r/m
main saw Motor power  4kw-5.5kw
Scoring saw motor power  0.75Kw
Scoring saw spindle speed  8000r/m
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