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Product Name: Automatic Rivet machine(KY-711)
Model: KY-711
Horsepower: 1 / 2 (HP)
Voltage: 220 (v) 380 (v)
Net weight: 140 (kg)
GW: 160 (kg)
Throat depth: 120 (mm)
Rivet surface diameter: 2.5 ~ 15 (mm)
Rivet Diameter: 1.3 ~ 10 (mm)
Rivet length: 2 ~ 8 (mm)
Machine Size: 700 * 650 * 1400 (mm)
Riveting Height: 800 (mm)

automatic feeding, foot switch control, giving accurate blanking, riveting, beautiful, fast, safe and easy operation.
Applicable industry:
Electronic circuit boards, speakers, back, card, tag, lanterns, heating frame, handbags, cardboard, bag belt upper folder, paper packaging, plastic packaging, shower curtain, tarpaulin, tents, hair clips, in the end, mica, etc. The double-sided corn riveting.
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