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Product Name: Food Paper Bag Machine (KY-400)

This machine forming the paper bag in one process from roll paper, edge folding, tube forming, cutting, gluing, bottom folding, bottom gluing and finishing bag output.
It is an ideal machine for producing shopping bags, clothe bags, food bags like bread bags, casual bags and fruit bags, and so on.

A) The paper bag materail is fed by Roller, materials can be kraft paper, art paper, coated paper,ivory board,etc
B) Suited for 30-180gsm paper.
C) Controls bag length through the human-machine touch screen interface.
D) PLC programmable servo motor control system
E) Equipped with an accurate photocell system for printed mark tracking, with printed machine of 1-6color
F) Color mark error automatic alarming and stopping system
G) Automatic oil lubrication system

Technical Parameters:

(Reel of paper)Max wide: 900mm
Max Dia: 1000mm
Paper thickess: 30 -180g /m2 
Bag length: 100 -1300mm
Bag width: 40 -320mm
Speed: 200-350pcs/min  (output depends on quality of paper and bag making length)
Power:6.8.5KW+printed machine, 380V
Total weight:  3250Kg
Dimension: 10.5MX2.1MX1.4M

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