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Product Name: Collapsible box mahcine 2021 version

Collapsible box mahcine 2021 version

What sets these collapsible gift boxes apart from other packaging solutions is their foldability and ease to assemble in no time. They are exclusive in making a positive impact on the sale and profitability of the brands. In the modern-day businesses, minimal packaging is taking place to avoid additional expenses on shipping and packaging, and these containers are up to the mark in this scenario. The other aspect that is enhancing their worth for every business and industry is their recyclability and cost-effectiveness as these both factors have key importance for business sustainability.

Model Ky-650
Max size 700*200mm
Min size 150*50mm
Thickness of paper 80-180gsm
Thickness of board 0.3-8mm
Production speed 10pcs/Minute
Air consume 0.5MPa
Machine Dimension 2300*1900*1800mm
Machine Weight 900Kg

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