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Product Name: Double-side adhesive tape applicator

Double-side adhesive tape applicator for foldable box

1, It can work with three trilateral and one strip double-side adhesive tapes at the same time.

2, It is equipped with fibre optic sensor and servo control to achieve the accurate position.

3, Vaccuum suction on the conveyor belt to transfer stabler,and accurancy position

4, The human-mancine interface and touch screen makes the process of parameter settings much easier.

5, The length of strip double-side adhesive tape can be set on the tocuh screen.

6, Feeding by hand ,option easy , Its production efficience can achieve 40pcs/min.

7,It can be connected to the mechanical arm to finish the feeding with its building block design.


Model : Ky-300SF
Max size of board side : L800*W200mm
Min size of board side : L100*W30mm
Tape Max size : L170*W170mm
Tape Min size : L30*W30mm
Power/Voltage : 2kw/AC220V
Speed : 20-40pcs/min
Machine Dimension : 2200*900*1600mm
Weight :  400KG

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