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Product Name: Folding machine(KY-780)

Combination Folding Machine With Electrical Knife


1. Four buckle plates with swing deflector and three electrically-controlled knives can carry out parallel folds and cross folds.
2. Automatic control device for paper-pile height.
3. High performance sheet-separating feeder.
4. High precision helical gear guarantees perfect synchronization and low noise.
5. Steel-PU folding roller with straight-vein for nonskid, wearproof.
6. Peripheral Interface Controller and frequency-invert speed regulator in electric control system.
7. Double-sheet detector and jammed sheet detector, blank sheet can also be detected automatically by optional blank sheet detector.
8. Protecting function to avoid overload of frequency inverter.
9. Screen visualizing all operating functions, parameter input arranged by all needs, with the Function of displaying fault operation.
10. Scoring, perforating, and slitting.
11. Increased paper output space to avoid cockling effectively.
12. Device for sucking dust can clear the dust of outside surface of machine effectively for maintenance.
13. Electrically controlled knife of photoelectric integration realizes high speed, reliability, and minor paper wastage.

Techniacal data

Max. Sheet size 670× 1040mm 780× 1160mm
Min. Sheet size 150× 200mm 150× 200mm
Sheet range 40-180G/M2 40-180G/M2
Max. Folding roller speed 160m/min 160m/min
Max. Folding knife cycle rate 300stroke/min 300stroke/min
Machine power 5.9kw 6.9kw
Machine net weight2250kg2400kg
Overall dimensions(L× W× H) 5085× 1360× 1800mm 5510× 1470× 1870mm

Product Images: Combination Folding Machine With Electrical Knife

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